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Top 10+ Best TV Shows on Netflix till Date

Looking for a movie to watch over the weekend or even on an off day? Netflix is a solution to keep you lively by watching different TV shows.

Netflix has a variety of TV shows with different genres and countries of origin but are all very enjoyable. Below are different TV shows which are available in Netflix. 

They could range from dramas, comedy shows animated series or even action movies. Some may be recent while others may be of earlier time even long before you were born.

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Stranger things: it is created by Duffer Brothers and the cast include Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown and many more. It was performed in the 80’s whereby the country is invaded by a supernatural life

The crown: in this show the focus is on the life queen Elizabeth II and her reign 

When they see us: this is a series movie produced by Ava DuVernay. It focusses on five boys on their teenage age who are accused of attacking a woman in the Central Park and are tormented by the judicial system.

Sex education: here a boy starts a clinic at his high school for sex therapy after emulating it from his mother who is also a sex therapist. It is a funny video and teaches the youth a lot.

Unbelievable: this is a series movie where by a girl by the name Marie is raped but when she goes to record a statement she is forced to withdraw after the police calls her a liar.

Billy in the streets: this is a game like shoe whereby Billy Eicher runs with a microphone in the streets asking strangers different questions.

Mind hunter: it was performed in the 70’s whereby two FBI agents gets to understand and are able to catch some killers by eventually learning their psychology and leads to the development of the serial killer profile. 

American Horror Story: this is another series movie whereby in each season there is a different story. It explains how supernatural fear and horror can have effect to different people.

Bo jack Horseman: this is an animated kind of comedy which was common back in the 90’s. it helps to explain on issues of mental health and also abuse of various substances and helps to teach a lot on the daily life.

Love, death and robots: it is produced by Tim Miller and is an animated series. It explains how violent love can even lead to deaths

The great British baking show: it aims at teaching people to be nice to their fellow human being. It involves a challenge whereby people are trying their luck to win the title of the best British amateur baker. It’s a very humorous movie to enjoy with family.


Netflix is a savior for many as it has over one thousand TV shows which you cannot exhaust. The ones listed above are just to mention but a few. Many of the TV shows are educational and can be watched by both children and adults.Other examples of Netflix TV shows can include Russian Doll, the umbrella academy, mad men, the haunting of hill house and the list is endless.

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