Best Electric Scooter On The Market

Best Electric Scooter On The Market

I am going to reveal to you the best electric scooter that anyone can use, kids, adults and even teenagers. This is the top electric scooter for all the family to have some fun on.

I am just going to reveal one electric scooter, if you want to see the best electric scooter comparison chart and guide just follow the link. They go in depth to reveal the full stats of all electric scooters on the market, you are sure to find the perfect electric scooter for you to ride from there.

Right, let’s get right into this. I will reveal the electric scooter name and best place that you can buy it from. This really is going to be a good purchase for all the family.

Best Electric Scooter For All The Family

This electric scooter is certainly not the cheapest on the market, however it is without doubt the best for all the family to use, young or old.

The name of the best electric scooter is the IMAX S1. It comes highly recommended by the scooter review website and has received amazing reviews on amazon.

So now let’s take a look at the stats, this is what really makes this electric scooter so appealing for everyone to use.

This electric scooter is so versatile it is even good for use as a commuter scooter, ditch the car and get to college, work or school in style, and best of all it’s so much fun.

The IMAX S1 has a top speed of 20 MPH. I mean this thing can fly, and it is easy to handle too, so kids can use it when supervised on private grounds of course.

On a full charge up the battery will run for up to 20 miles, so if your work or school is within that distance and back you can use it for commuting. Certainly beats driving a car in the rush hour traffic.

The recommended age for using this electric scooter is age 13, however younger kids can use it if you think they are responsible enough. I mean what teenager would not want to have this scooter? All their friends will be very jealous indeed.

The scooter does have a weight limit, which is around 240 pounds. Don’t worry if you are slightly heavier than that, it will still carry your weight, just don’t expect to hit the top speed of 20 MPH, that’s all.

The battery is easy to charge back up, just plug it in and wait 3 hours to be complete. It’s a pretty short charge time compared to other electric scooters on the market today.

The most important thing for an electric scooter to be perfect for all the family to use is ease of use, and this scooter could not be any easier to use.

It has a rear braking system, which is very effective and most importantly very safe. What makes this electric scooter a little different to others is that it does not use a twist throttle to accelerate.

This scooter uses a push button to accelerate, which makes it very easy to use, even kids will find this easy to ride.

Another positive is that it’s not too big, and it even folds down, so it will fit in the trunk of your car if you fancy some off road riding some time.

Is it any good for off road riding? Yes it sure is. The scooter has inflatable tires which ensures a smooth ride, even on rough terrain like gravel and grass.

I wouldn’t say it is the best electric scooter for off road use, however it is versatile enough to be used in the woods every now and again.

A lot of electric scooters are loud, this one hardly makes a noise. You will not be let down by this ride, it really is top choice for family use, everyone will have fun on it.

Like I say, this is the very best electric scooter you can get today, the only big draw back is the big price tag, however you have all heard the saying “you only get what you pay for” and it’s true here, it’s big price tag is worth it.

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