Reelight CIO – Making the Roadways Safer for Bicyclists and Drivers with Reliable Technology

Reelight CIO – Making the Roadways Safer for Bicyclists and Drivers with Reliable Technology

Reelight CIO is a battery-free flashing bicycle light that will improve safety for everyone using the roads.

With a sleek, easy-to-mount design, lasting power, and high power LED, bicyclists will maintain high visibility throughout the day and night with Reelight’s newest innovation.

Copenhagen-based bike light manufacturer Reelight has been supporting bicyclist safety over the past 10 years, supplying high-power lights to many European countries, Australia, and USA.

Their groundbreaking induction bike light technology eliminated the need for batteries, offering high visibility throughout the day and no worry about batteries dying at any time.

A large scale study with over 4,000 participants revealed that Reelight’s induction light reduced the probability of accidents by 19%.

That number jumped to 47% reduction when an accident involved more than one party, leading to an improved sense of safety for the vast majority of riders who tested the lights.

CIO is the latest improvement upon this revolutionary technology. The new light is more compact than ever, with a smaller spoke-mounted magnet that efficiently powers the light throughout the entire ride.

The powerful flashing LEDs can be seen over 300 meters (approx 984 ft) away and will continue flashing for two minutes after a rider has stopped. ReeMount™ technology makes the light easier to mount and allows the rider to adjust the light anywhere along the fork.

There are many features that make ReeMount™ truly unique. It offers high utility value to the user and designed to meet the challenges associated with the transportation of today.

The best part of this bike light is that it can be self-powered easily. It does not use any batteries and is powered by magnets.

High availability can reduce instances of accidents significantly according to the makers.

The intuitive and highly integrated bike light has no buttons or switches. The user just has to ride the bike and the light springs into action.

The ReePower backup system ensures power supply when the bike stops at signals or for any other reason.

Other travelers on the road will be easily alerted to the presence of bikers using ReeMount™ as the bike light flashes during ride and will continue to flash for two minutes.

This can be extremely handy while stopping at signals. ReeMount™ can be mounted quickly, in seconds literally according to the makers and comes with the custom tools needed for the purpose.

The theft-proof designed bike light can stay permanently mounted on the fork and seat stay.

ReeMount™ is designed for durability and can last much longer than ordinary bike lights.

It is waterproof and tested to deliver solid performance even in harsh weather conditions. The high power LED is compliant with Danish legislation and is designed to be visible at over 300 meters.

The environmentally friendly device is undoubtedly one of the most efficient bike lights available today.

All bike users believe that the best bike lights are the ones that can be easily and quickly mounted. CIO has focused on reinvent the mounting to make it extremely user-friendly. ReeMount™ meets the need of the bikers to have bike lights that does not call for professional assistance while mounting, is environment-friendly and easy on the wallet.

The product is currently available on Indiegogo here

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